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Sacrament Preparation for Children

St. Robert Bellarmine offers preparation for the sacraments to children. The following is a general guideline, however, more information can be found in the weekly church bulletin, the Faith Formation bulletin board in the vestibule, and in the weekly announcements at the end of Mass.

First Eucharist (Communion) is generally celebrated in the second grade. Registration takes place during January of each year, and a parent meeting is held to distribute specific information and schedules. The sacrament is celebrated in the spring.

Reconciliation is generally celebrated in the third grade, or when children have shown a developmental ability to understand the concept of sin. Registration and classes occur in the fall, and the sacrament is celebrated in November.

Confirmation is generally celebrated in the eighth grade. Registration for the preparation process occurs during the fall. The date to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation varies each year due to the need to coordinate the schedule with the Archdiocese of Detroit.

If your child has missed the traditional age to celebrate these sacraments, arrangements can be made to help them prepare. Call the Office of Faith Formation at 313-937-1531 with any questions or concerns.