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Stephen Ministry

What do Stephen Ministers do?

After Stephen Ministers are trained, they will be assigned to a care receiver by the Stephen Ministry Leaders, based on the needs of the parish. Once they have a care receiver, this is what a Stephen Minister will do:

* Meet with their care receiver on a regular basis

* Provide support and encouragement for the care receiver

* Listen and accept using a Christ-centered model

* Assist the care receiver in processing thoughts and feelings

* Pray with and for the care receiver, keeping God in the forefront

* Maintain appropriate boundaries and confidentiality

* Participate in regular, confidential peer group supervision to ensure the highest quality of care

* Refer to a mental health professional or other care ministry when appropriate

Can you picture yourself helping someone in this way? A new training class for Stephen Ministers will be starting in January.o

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313-937-1500, ext. 114.

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